Great Mosaic Wall of Zacatlán – Update

A prospective of the size of the wall

A perspective of the size of the wall




Great Mosaic Wall of Zacatlan, Mexico
by George W. Olney

The Zacatlan Mural Project was started in 2014, and these images are of the Indigenous Nahua Section, the Contemporary Zacatlan Mural, and the Catholic Faith Section. There is a double intent in the Adam Eve mural, as Zacatlan is famous for it's Apple orchards, Zacatlan de las Manzanas. The artistic energy on the project has been immense.

Each mural SECTION, which makes 3 sides of a very large square, is more than 100 meters long! (300 meters plus. total). It is a visual extravaganza, and when you first see it, it will give you chills, as you start to appreciate the thousands of hours of hands-on, piece by piece work that this Mural required. This is very much a community/volunteer supported project. Zacatlan is a designated Magic City in Mexico, and now has it's Magic Mural.

Major funding in the form of Seed and follow up grants was provided by The Wilmette Arts Guild (WAG). WAG has a long history of sponsoring photographic documentation of lesser known cultural events here in Mexico. Olneystudio has done several projects for WAG over the years, and we were on assignment to document the inauguration. The BBC has used several of our images done while on assignment for WAG. You can see our work by going to Google>Images>George Olney Cuetzalan.

The inauguration  took place Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016. 


Inauguration of the Wall, October 2016